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I have a story...

...that I want to share.

In December 2004, I was 22 and in the midst of my first year of teaching. I caught strep throat from the kids, but since I hadn't yet switched PCPs in my new hometown, I had to take off work early and drive over an hour to my current doctor back home.

To get to my doctor, I had to drive through busy downtown Pittsburgh, PA. If you've ever been in Pittsburgh or a similar city, you know it truly never sleeps.

Anyway, I made it to the other side of the Fort Pitt Tunnels, driving in the left lane of the highway, when I dozed off from being sick and hit a patch of ice. I immediately jerked awake as my car started spinning. I pushed down and held my brakes down while my car spun faster and faster, no end in sight. I remember gripping the wheel, holding the brake pedal down, and just thinking that my life was over. I was very calm, and I just kept asking God to help me.

I spun at least 7 times when my car suddenly stops. I was now over on the right shoulder (I crossed over both lanes) and was facing in the correct direction. After I caught my breath and realized I was still alive, I looked around. Not one single car was in sight. I have never ever in my life driven on that highway and not seen another car around me. God was truly watching out for me on that day.

Any time I feel my faith running low, I think about that mid-December day, where my parents could have been planning my funeral in place of planning our Christmas family gathering.

I'm now finishing up my fourth year of teaching (now making it through those 4 years is another miracle, haha), and I still think about that everyday and thank God for saving my life.
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